When capturing health has become your imperative need –

Magnificently spread in the three beautiful hills of Western Ghats, near Silent Valley, Vayas unveils a green, healing ambience for the seekers of peace and inner strength. Located at Mundanpara, a village in Palakkad District, Kerala, Vayas offers Ayurveda the way it has been pursued from decades before – authentic treatments by age-old practitioners.

We believe that healing is a wholesome process where our inner mind has to connect with the very foundations of nature. Which is why, instead of staying cooped up in a building during your treatment, we offer you a whole world outside. Natural ponds, a herbal garden, fish farms, an organic agricultural garden growing local produce and animal farms are part of the very distinctive environment that Vayas can offer.

The word “Vayas” literally means rejuvenation in Sanskrit language, and we strive to provide our guests a complete rejuvenation platform for their body and soul.

While highly certified practitioners vow to give you authentic treatment whether it be specific or just rejuvenation, you can sample the renowned hospitality of Kerala in traditionally built accommodation that exhibit the ethnicity of our architecture. Your daily meals would be 100% vegetarian, tastefully prepared with age-old recipes. Each day would have a session of Yoga and Meditation that would pave the way for self-discovery and inner peace. Before your eyes, you would see your body transform for the better and radiate an enduring glow.

Vayas offers a wide range of programmes such as Weight Management, Anti-ageing, Rejuvenation, Stress Alleviation, Relaxation, Herbal Beauty and Skin Care.

Vayas also offers Speciality Clinics to perform Ayurvedic Medical Therapies for Psoriasis and Eczema, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Spondylitis, Sinusitis and Migraine, Inter-vertebral Disc Prolapse and many more such ailments.



At Vayas, there are a total of 20 supremely plush residential stay with four different tastes. Built at a high altitude to ensure your views are soaked in greenery, these cottages and suites are tastefully designed to reflect Kerala in its tradition. Though these classes may differ, each cottage’s amenities are at par with any star-rated hotel or resort rooms. The breath-taking views of the surrounding landscapes help you to relax completely during the course of the treatment.


These villas boast of it as the best and luxurious among the rest, with state of the art interior facilities and all most modern amenities. This type of villa come with breath-taking view of the surrounding landscape and has a basement area where one can relax by putting their feet up. There are 6 such villas available for the guests.


These are similar to Elegant, but differs from interior facilities only, but has fewer amenities compared to it. There are 4 such villas available for the guests


These villas are duplexes with two rooms adjacent and connected to each other. Though these rooms have lesser facilities to the other two classes, these offer spectacular view of the hills and the forests. There are 6 rooms under this category.


This is a double storied building with 4 rooms with all facilities offering wonderful view of surroundings. All residential villas are well connected with pathways to other parts of the property. Venturing out into picturesque paths or unwinding in your private balcony or by the water pond, equipped with a 180 degree view of the surroundings will leave you the same – never wanting to go back.

The facility is located from the hustle and bustle of even a small town – the silence can be felt!

Treatment Area

Rightly the core of any Ayurveda retreat, the treatment centre is best viewed from the residential area. Intricately designed with architecture characteristic of Kerala; it reminds one of a bloomed lotus flower.There are 10 individual treatment rooms, two therapy rooms and doctor cabins in the compound. These have been carefully designed in such a way that each guest is assigned their own individual therapist and post-treatment bath area. Scheduled appointments will be assisted by pick up and drop off from your cottages.We have taken full advantage of the surroundings; each treatment room is designed to exhibit spectacular views. Our team of doctors will be constantly monitoring your progress during the course of treatment. These doctors are keen to spread their knowledge of Ayurveda, creating an environment for learning and enrichment.A distinctive feature of our treatment programme is the usage of fresh herbs, plucked right out of our organic ayurvedic herbal garden. Grown over acres of naturally fertile soil, these herbs are procured as and when each procedure calls for them.


Give your tongues a treat with the completely vegetarian, organic yet sumptuous food at the “Valley Green Restaurant”. This traditional restaurant is a communal place for the meals and the “dining area” is built in an ancestral mould with traditional artefacts adorning the place.

Each guest has to follow a strict diet and their daily nutriment will be served according to the prepared chart prescribed by the in-house Ayurvedic Doctors and Chefs. Ayurvedic manuscripts insist on avoiding close face to face interaction while eating food. Hence the tables are arranged in such a way that the diners will be seated at a distance from each other. This is to ensure that they experience and enjoy every morsel of food that goes into their system, keeping conversation at minimum. We strive to keep the standards of our food high; ingredients are mostly picked fresh from our farms or purchased locally. Needless to say, they will be organic.

For guests enrolled in the special package, Vayas offers customized vegetarian meals prepared with recipes in use for more than centuries. It is situated right in the middle of the cottages and is easily accessible anywhere from the residential area.

Library/ Yoga/ Meditation

Guests can also avail the reading centre facility and immerse themselves in the world of literature. If Ayurveda is called the science of life, Yoga is all about achieving optimum coordination of your body, mind and soul. We have created an elevated platform adjacent to the reading centre for practicing yoga, outdoors. The breath of fresh air from the surroundings relieve you of all your tiredness in a flash and the exercises you learn from here will aid you throughout your life.

Vayas has an Open Air Yoga Center, where you will master skills to unwind your body even after you complete your programme. Blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year, this breath of fresh air is every Yogi’s fantasy.

Relax at Vayas

Full-fledged herbal, flower and vegetable gardens are raised and cultured in the premises so that the guests can involve themselves in learning and enriching with the method of farming and cultivation. The guests have access to an animal and bird farm set up in the premises as well.

We have raised the bar when it comes to therapy. Vayas has incorporated the curative powers of gardening as part of your journey. The highly potent soils of Attapadi have made it only natural for us to grow acres of all kinds of farms, a huge learning ground for farming methods.

In General

At Vayas, each of our guests be provided free uniforms for use during their stay. Please make sure to bring your medications and medical reports, if any. It will guide our panel of doctors while deciding your treatment package. There are few do’s and don’ts you must follow here at the campus; these rules must be strictly followed at any cost from the moment you step in  the campus. We also believe that refraining from alcohol is vital for the success of your programme, so is your commitment to the therapies and diet prescribed for you. You must be on time for your therapies and must follow the diet strictly.

We believe, here we are offering a unique mix of both Ayurvedic Therapies and Nature Heaven. As said, our aim is that every single person who comes to our campus goes back as a rejuvenated refreshed soul with a ‘re-defined’ life style.