Radiate Your Soul

They say beauty is skin deep and so we believe. The secret of a glowing skin is never just a cream but more. At Vayas, give your skin the treatment it deserves with our herbal homegrown products and you will come back for more.

During the course, your skin shall meet with beauty care therapies and treatments that will purify your blood and improve the circulation making your skin glow. It will improve your skin complexion and skin tone, removing all the dead skin, pimples, patches and all other skin problems. Along with this, traditional massages of your foot and scalp and a royal scrub await you. These will leave you feeling rejuvenated and your skin, healthy as never before.


Skin care focuses on releasing the toxins from your body, restoring cellular nutrition and balancing the doshas for improved blood circulation and waste elimination. With the consumption of fresh vegetation and fruits at Vayas, every cell of your skin is charged up that gives vitality to your system and radiates youthful energy and glowing skin at all ages.

Therapy details:

The Herbal beauty & skin care treatment at Vayas includes cleansing, massaging, herbal steam, gentle scrubs, facial and hair packs that moisturize every strand of your hair and every cell of the skin. With KayaLepam and KeshaLepam, we ensure your hair and body receive the touch of Nature and thus grow healthier. Recommended for: Those suffering from skin diseases, dull and dry skin, rough skin, scars and acnes, skin sores, lack of hair growth, hair loss & breakage, split ends, lifeless hair etc.

Treatment duration:

5 days, 7 days, 14 days