Soothe Your Senses

How many times do you yearn for a relaxing massage and wish for it to take away all the pressure? At Vayas, with our Relaxation therapy, we do the job for you, while you just lie back and experience the restoration of your energies.

Through massages, herbal steam baths, an organic home-grown diet and hours of refreshing Yoga, we ensure that you are at complete peace and are reconnected with yourself. Each day you will feel more alive and calm than the previous. And each day, you will long for a longer stay


This particular treatment is one that can be enjoyed by everybody. It is similar to a detox program that one could follow for reasons like maintaining our body, cleansing the system etc. This treatment, nourishes the body, revitalizes the nervous system, helps you overcome fatigue and promote sound sleep, as well as increases your overall sense of well-being and work efficiency.

Therapy details:

The Relaxation therapy at Vayas consists of refreshing massages of your whole body, Yoga and Meditation sessions, a strict home grown vegetarian diet and a re-energising lifestyle. As Vayas does not promote the intake of alcohol, toxic junk food or anything harmful to health during these days, the therapy helps detoxify your body completely. Recommended for: Open for all and those suffering from stress, body aches, stress, low efficiency, anxiety etc.

Treatment duration:

5 days, 7 days