Yoga has been a primary exercise and meditation tool for centuries now. It is gaining predominant acceptance in the western world. The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” and it means “to join”. The history of Yoga dates back to Pre-Vedic times. Yoga refers to some basic principles one must follow in life. It should be used as a goal-attaining method and should be performed with utmost discipline.

If Ayurveda is called the science of life, Yoga is all about achieving optimum coordination of your body, mind and soul. Yoga practices are an integral part of any Ayurvedic treatment.

Most people have this pre-notion that Yoga is to be only practiced when a health problem arises, while the reality is something else. Yoga brings in complete harmony to our mind and body. The more the mind and body are in sync, the more energetic and healthier you are. Apart from various postures and exercises, Yoga practices generally comprises of a controlled diet and other forms of meditation. Yoga not only brings inner peace that can cure stress related diseases, but also chronic ones with proper therapies and practices.

How can Yoga make your day better?

Maintain Energy Level:

Yoga helps us to maintain our energy level throughout the day. You will be able to do your daily routines and tasks without any fuss, whatsoever.

Clear mind:

Yoga sessions help you to have a clear cut mind devoid of any impurities or bad thoughts. The breathing exercises refresh you from inside and eradicates irrational thoughts from your mind. It allows you to think positive from inside.

Stabilization of body weight:

Weight is an issue with most of us; for some it may be the abundance of it and for some it may be due to lack of it. The daily exercises and postures helps a person stabilize their body weight. The prescribed diet helps a person to lead a healthy life.

Reduce Stress related Illness:

In this fast paced world it is very difficult not to have stress. Practicing Yoga helps a person to actually evaluate oneself and identify their strengths and weakness. The breathing exercises help a long way in achieving the same.

Yoga is the greatest technique by which you can attain full control of your body and mind. Ancient Yoga experts have always believed that Yoga should be practiced in an open area and not behind closed doors. At Vayas, you will be involved with the practice of Yoga in an open platform and in total sync with the nature.