The miracle of the human body is its natural healing intelligence, which is capable of constantly renewing and rejuvenating itself. However, when imbalance and weakened digestive capacity allow toxic impurities to form, this natural ability of the body is blocked. At the heart of the programs at Vayas, are traditional Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation treatments, Panchakarma(vamana,virechana,nasya,basthi,rakthamokshana); an integrated series of treatments and procedures that, taken together, dislodge impurities from the cells and tissues and flush them from the body.  Our treatments work at a deep level to remove deeply imbedded blockages, improve metabolism, and enliven the inner intelligence of the body, stimulating the body's remarkable capacity for self-repair.  Each day in vayas you'll spend soothing hours in a variety of treatments, including herbalized oil massage, cleansing steam baths and gentle purification procedures.


●        Increases strength and immunity
●        Promotes detoxification and Increases energy levels
●        Prevents degenerative disease
●        Increases metabolism
●        Enhances the mind; promotes mental clarity and well-being and on a deeper level
●         enhances consciousness

Therapy Details

●        Initial Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor and daily follow-up consultation
●        Accommodation
●        All Ayurvedic Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Supper) & herbal drinks
●        Advice on Diet & Lifestyle Management
●        Ayurveda Therapies – Customized for each client
●        Yoga (once a day – Yogasanas, Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation)

Treatment duration : 7 / 14 / 21 / 28 days