VAYAS LIVING Supremely plush
residential stay with four
different tastes.

The Silence Can be heard

All our residential villas are well connected with pathways to other parts of the property. Venturing out into picturesque paths or unwinding in your private balcony or by the water pond, equipped with a 180-degree view of the surroundings will leave you the same – never wanting to leave.


This is a double story building with 4 rooms, fully equipped and surrounded with views of the property. The interiors are traditional with a slight touch of luxury, combining the best of both worlds.

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These villas are duplexes with two rooms adjacent and connected to each other. This should be your choice of stay if you want to take full advantage of the altitude and enjoy looking at the valleys and sunset, feel the wind in your hair and watch the rain in its glory.

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You will be spoilt for choice in these villas, between tastefully designed interiors and vast stretches of valleys and mountains. These villas are few in number, designed with intricate detailing making you feel at ease indoors or enjoying the sounds of nature whilst relaxing by the balcony.

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These should be your choice of living if you want a home away from home. Spacious, luxurious interiors that give you a gist of the indulgence of the yesteryears of Kerala and stretches of greens that are feast for all your senses, these truly are suites unmatched.

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